Meet the next generation smart bottle.

As little as 2% loss of our bodies’ water content begins to
cause the brain to lose alertness and the body to feel tired.
Drinking water is one of those simple daily routines that we
forget about too often. And while most recommendations
focus on how much water we need to drink, not enough is
said about how often you should be sipping on your water.
The frequency and even distribution of your water intake
during the day is actually the key to preventing dehydration.
The new  Smart Water Bottle is here to take your
water intake – and overall wellbeing – to the next level.

A healthy hydration will help you:

  • Prevent headaches & increase your energy level
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enhance your productivity & creativity
  • Improve your skin vibrancy
  • Regulate your digestion & maintain a healthy weight

The future of hydration

Did You Know?

One EQUA bottle typically replaces about 217 single-use plastic ones per year.

Designed & Made In Europe